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Books by Rainbow Rowell

All In The Perspective

I’m awaken each day by papa’s kiss on my forehead whenever he leaves for work. That’s one thing that prompts me to whisper a prayer for God to send His angels to keep watch over him as he drives to work. And then I would doze off to sleep. If I’m not mistaken, in just a few minutes I’ll be awake again and continue my prayer thanking God for the brand new day. When I finally decide to get up, I take my devotional book and planner on top of my bedside table, and roll to my tummy, and begin reading. I take note of the lesson and write it on my planner. Then I’d get up for brunch, wash my face if I’m too lazy for a bath, brush my teeth, put on my contact lenses, stare at the mirror and remind myself, “hey be productive today.”

I sometimes look at my reflection and begin my positive thinking about life, how exciting this journey is now that I am already a registered nurse. I’d sigh and look down upon remembering some frustrations but will recover by looking up again and saying faintly, “Love Yourself.”

Gosh, I think I really have a struggle on this one. I mean yes I do love myself, but I think it’s not enough. I don’t know so much the difference about being stupid and selfless anymore. I give so much and get nothing back.

And then I realized, I just shouldn’t be loving myself first just so someone can love me. I should love myself because it’s the one thing I can do to myself. I know this isn’t just about the emotional aspect; I have to act on it spiritually, physically, and intellectually.

That’s the reason why I start my day with God. I cannot know love without knowing Him, for He is love.

That’s the reason I take care of my body. And I take extra efforts to keep it strong and healthy.

That’s the reason I still read my nursing books. The reason I don’t neglect art. The reason why I still write. The reason why I missed photography and scrapbooking. The reason why I play the guitar, I sing or I dance. The reason why I’m prudent in driving.

Every little thing I do should reflect my love for God and for myself. And then everything else will follow—the love for my family or patients; the affection and concern over pets and all other living things; the respect for other people.

I may lack the understanding on how to love myself emotionally, but that’s exactly the point. Emotions come and go. But principles don’t. Brain over heart. Intellect over emotion. Mind over matter. Wisdom over feelings.

What I’m just saying is that it all starts in the mind. All in the perspective.

Went to MAMC to register for the IVT training; and then visited tots. :)

I’m no artist but I drew this just now, before I sleep. I don’t know what I’m trying to express here though.

I’m no artist but I drew this just now, before I sleep. I don’t know what I’m trying to express here though.

But I must admit I miss you quite terribly. The world is too quiet without you nearby. -Lemony Snicket

My scrapbook. I started in 2011. Last page’s content was from August 2013. Can’t believe I haven’t updated it. I think I’ll just buy a new one. Cheers to new beginnings! :D

I indulge in the power of books to create a whole new world for me; takes snapshots of everyday life; tries mouthful of delicacies; drives with or without the presence of mind; in love with being in love; delights in dark chocolates; daydreams a lot; having affairs with her guitar, journals and camera; always grateful; taking each day at a time..."That's life," I sighed.